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Re wilding Croydon War Memorial: Saturday 4th May at 3pm

 Re wilding Croydon’s War Memorial with POPPY- RICH Wild flowers for each fallen Hero!

On SATURDAY May the 4th at 3pm, Croydon Villagers will be Sowing individual seed parcels dedicated to each of the seventeen

Fallen Soldiers engraved on the recently restored War Memorial. Instead of grass around the war memorial, Croydon should see

beautiful Poppy Rich Wild Flowers this summer and for ever more. Diana Walters, who used to cut the grass got the idea as the grass

didn’t grow well but weeds & wild flowers did perhaps because the soil was poor. ASHES TO BLOOMS stepped in surveying the

area and providing individual named bags of selected seeds with the Villager who sponsored the seeds and name of Soldier. The

area will encourage Bees, insects & birds and won’t require weekly mowing with polluting petrol! Hopefully we can start a new

trend! Beautiful Wild Flowers around our War Memorials!