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Tuesday Group

The Tuesday Group meets the first Tuesday of each Month.

Date & Time: First Tuesday of the month at 7.30

Location: Usually meetings are held in the Reading Room, but are occasionally outdoors, check this website or the village WhatsApp for details.



All Saints Croydon

Report of February 2022 Meeting

A general Tuesday group to chat about village ideas and activities and make some plans for 2022 was held. Plus Information on the May Parish Council elections.


Report of October 2021 meeting

We were pleased to welcome three members of the Cambridge Archaeoogy Field Group who explained about the varied artifacts recorded and collected during several field walking activites adjacent to the scheduled site of the medieval village at Clopton.

Finds including pottery, roof tiles, stone and flint tools all help to piece together the long history of the site dating back to the Bronze Age.

Full details of the findings with maps showing the location of the finds attributed to successive periods in history are available in two reports which can be found at the following site of the Cambridge Archaeoogy Field Group.

The field walking archaeology follows on from excavation of the site in the 1960s; at that time some of the remains recovered were reburied in Hatley.  We are continuing to investigate this further.

Recent work led by the Dept of Archaeology at the University of Cambridge confirmed that some individuals buried at Clopton were victims of plague.

Report of September 2021 meeting

 Updates on everything we have been working on over the last few month- conservation, local history, tree planting, the church crypt, the village sign and more were discussed. Plans for future meeting were made.

Report of June 2021 Meeting

The June First Tuesday group heard (via Zoom) about recycling and waste disposal in South Cambs from Jon Crisp, Cambridgeshire County Council Waste Education Officer.  He gave us insight into how our waste is handled locally and what we can all do to help.  He is happy to answer any questions we may have and has offered to come along with display material when we next have a village show.  He can be contacted at


He also provided links to two short YouTube films which are well worth watching to understand the processes involved in sorting and recycling of Cambridgeshire’s waste. 

Materials recovery film MRF film

and Green bin Processing film (IVC Green bin)

British History online

Wikipedia online