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Recycling: Check it, don’t wreck it!

Did you know that it costs our waste service an average of £10,000 every month to remove and dispose of things that have been put incorrectly into the blue bins? 😱

Are you recycling right?

Here are the worst offenders when it comes to things we don’t want in the blue recycling bins:

Polystyrene – New TV packaging, takeaway clam-shell boxes, food delivery insulation – we can’t recycle this. Please put it in your black bin.

Black sacks – Most black sacks contain mixed general waste, but even if they contain recycling, we don’t want them please! Black sacks should go in the black bin. Keep your recycling loose.

Clothes or textiles – These CAN be recycled, but NOT in your blue bin. Pass on those in good condition to charities or friends. Even worn-out clothes can be donated via clothing banks at recycling points (which are open again now) and will be recycled.

Food and liquid – Recycling doesn’t have to be sparkling clean, but it does have to be emptied and rinsed. Half-full bottles can’t be sorted correctly due to their weight, and food left in containers is unhygienic and spoils paper and card, leaving it unrecyclable.

he below image illustrates how clean recycling needs to be to be of use:

[A visual guide of what is acceptable and not, showing a variety of different containers, e.g. pop bottles, takeaway tray, ready meal container, in various states of cleanliness!]
Not sure if it can be recycled? We list what to do with hundreds of items our ‘What Goes In Which Bin?’ guide on our website. If it’s not listed, please ask!