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Recycling and waste update from SCDC

Possible disruption to green bin collections

Last week, we gave advance warning that fortnightly green bin collections could be disrupted in the weeks ahead due to the pandemic causing staff shortages – though collections remain as scheduled for now. If any changes to the schedule are needed the Greater Cambridge Shared Waste Service will let residents, parish councils and residents’ associations know, and keep people up to date via the two councils’ websites and social media channels.

New Washable Nappy Discount Scheme

Nappy and sanitary waste makes up nearly 10% of what we send to landfill from the black bins, and households with children in disposable nappies will know that they fill up their black bin very quickly. To encourage parents to switch to washable nappies, even for just one nappy change a day, the Recycling in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough (RECAP) partnership has teamed up with suppliers to offer a 10 to 15% discount off the cost of washable nappies, washable wipes, and reusable period products. The scheme is open to residents across Cambridgeshire and Peterborough, who can apply through their own council’s website. South Cambridgeshire residents can apply now.